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Conference Theme :

“The role of nursing in advancing quality of care through application of conceptual models in areas of nursing practices and health practice” 

The 6th Padjadjaran International Nursing Conference will present and accommodate ideas, experiences, and research evidences to improve quality of nursing care and health services globally. This conference will provide valuable opportunity for educators, researchers, and clinician in nursing and other health areas from different countries to share and discuss current health issues and strategies to quality health services in practical settings at regional, national, and international levels. It is expected that, number of strategies for resolving the health care problems could be obtained from this conference. These strategies are needed to guide nurses, other health professionals, and health decision makers in developing the best approach to improve quality of health services and to attain health for all worldwide.


The conference outcomes include :

  • The health professionals especially nurses are expected to be proficient in transforming conceptual models and nursing theories into nursing care practices to improve the quality of health care
  • Health professionals will increase their awareness of being important to work in scope interdisciplinary collaborative practice to improve quality of health services and to achieve health for all globally
  • Nurses’ roles in providing nursing care for the patients in all areas of nursing practices will become advance to sustainable health performances



The selected papers will be published in conference proceeding and Journal indexed by Scopus, Journal National Accredited (There is addtional fee for publication)